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November 14 2013


Movie Legends Revealed | Was ?e.t? Originally Going To Be A Horror Film?

Kellan Lutz?s ?Hercules? Will Beat Dwayne Johnson?s to Theaters Spielberg, meanwhile, was in the middle of the filming Raiders of the Lost Ark when he began to have doubts about the upcoming project. When he was a boy, the director imagined he had an alien friend, and he began to wonder if there was not a different angle that could be taken with the story. He showed the script to Harrison Fords then-girlfriend (and soon wife) Melissa Mathison, and she cried after reading it, touched by the relationship between Buddy and Jaybird. That was enough for Spielberg to decide to take the script in a diffract direction and instead had Mathison (who was a screenwriter) pen a new take, only this time making it entirely about the Buddy/Jaybird relationship. In just two months, Mathison finished work on the screenplay dubbed E.T. and Me, which was eventually filmed as E.T.
Full story: http://spinoff.comicbookresources.com/2013/11/13/movie-legends-revealed-was-e-t-originally-going-to-be-a-horror-film/

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