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A Short Case For Jaden Smith To Be Dubbed ?the Greatest Mind Of Our Age? Based On His Tweets

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 2.05.28 PM For example: Jaden Smith I would call this a mic drop, but that would indicate that hes done. Plus, upon closer inspection, youll see that Jaden wrote the tweet past the allotted character limit and then took a picture of it to post it as an image tweet. Pure genius is at work here. Hes saying that his talent has no limits. No boundaries. He pulled a Superman fist out of nowhere and broke the glass ceiling into pieces. If James Franco doesnt write a finely tuned essay about this kid in the coming months, Ill be shocked. Shia LaBeouf should look at this, attempt not to steal it and then applaud a true master of his craft.

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