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Christie Camp?s Swipe At Msnbc: Weak! (part 1)

(Part 1) Comments Chris Christie (Chris Usher/Associated Press) First in a series of posts on the weekends spat between New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and MSNBC. On Saturday, MSNBC host Steve Kornacki mustered a significant feat of reporting on the Chris Christie bridge scandal , surfacing allegations by Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer that two top Christie people warned her that Hoboken would be shafted on relief funds unless Zimmer pushed through a redevelopment plan the governor favored. Coming amid the burgeoning scandal over the closing of toll lanes on the George Washington Bridge, Kornackis piece got some attention. Numerous news organizations have published followup accounts; Zimmer has spoken to several of them, and she met with the U.S. attorneys office yesterday twitter .
More http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/erik-wemple/wp/2014/01/20/christie-camps-swipe-at-msnbc-weak-part-1/

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